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Health Systems Integration: Europe

CAM Status in Europe


Project CAMbrella  is preparing updates on the legal status and regulation of CAM in Europe.

CAMbrella is a pan-European research network for complementary and alternative medicine, funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme FP7




Legal Status and Regulation of CAM in Europe


“There are major differences between countries with regard to whether or not CAM is regulated by a separate act. These differences influence the practice of CAM in Europe, so CAMbrella is to find out how CAM is regulated and governmentally supervised in the individual countries. The status of reimbursement for CAM (including non-pharmacological medicinal products) in Europe will also be reviewed. The number of countries to be investigated was expanded to 39 after a thorough re-appraisal of the inclusion criteria.


Collection of relevant information from each country is currently still on-going, including personal visits to selected countries. The findings will eventually be described in three reports:


  • Report 1 addresses the “Legal, regulatory, supervisory and reimbursement status of CAM in Europe”, building on a report published by NAFKAM  in 2005. The current and previous regulatory system will be described based on current and previous EU rules and regulations in the area, supplemented by information from personal interviews with bureaucrats responsible for this area in the EU system.


  • The regulatory status of CAM medicinal products will be addressed in Report 2.


  • The description of EU-wide regulation and potential obstacles to such regulation (Report 3) will be built partly on the NAFKAM report  and partly on other published work in the area.


The Work Package leader is Vinjar Fønnebø, University of Tromsø, Norway.”


"WP 2 will collaborate with WP 6 on the global situation of CAM in comparing the legal status of CAM in Europe with the rest of the world."


The following short summaries have appeared to date:



  • CAM in Hungary:


  • CAM in Austria:


  • CAM in Romania:


  • CAM in Italy:


  • CAM in Sweden:  


  • CAM in Norway:


  • CAM in Spain:


  • CAM in Switzerland:



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