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Integrative Medicine, Integrative Healthcare

There is as yet no generally accepted definition of the rapidly emerging field of integrative medicine or integrative healthcare, as some prefer.



CAMbrella on Terminology in Europe


"Terminology in CAM is a very tricky thing. Due to different traditions and cultures there is a vast heterogeneity between CAM disciplines and methods used in various regions of the world as well as in Europe. There are so many local and regional specific treatments, methods and interventions that it is hardly fair to gather them all under a roof that is called CAM without any further specification of what CAM means in Europe.


For instance in the United States, you include “Prayer” when you talk about CAM, as in the view of the distinguished NCCAM, prayer is a self-healing practice and thus part of an alternative and complementary medical approach. Now this is not at all self-evident in Europe, where this notion can hardly be expected to go unchallenged – from many different angles, not only religious ones.


Integrative Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Medicine douce, Ganzheitsmedizin, Naturheilkunde, Naturopathy, Traditional European Medicine (TEM), Erfahrungsheilkunde – these are just a few of the general expressions for the whole field – and each of them of course comes along with further definitions as to what it consists of and what it excludes.


One of the first goals of CAMbrella will therefore be to establish a consensus-based list of CAM terminology for the European context. This is not as easy as it sounds, and the working group has to meet various challenges in order to achieve this goal that will eventually result in a European CAM glossary."





Terminology in the USA


The Bravewell Collaborative Declaration for a New Medicine


“Transforming health care means moving the boundaries of the existing field of medicine to include the wisdom inherent in healing the "whole person"—mind, body and spirit. People drawn to integrative medicine—as providers, patients or philanthropists—are attracted to it because their values match those of this approach to health and healing. The Declaration is a reflection of the values The Bravewell Collaborative believes characterize integrative medicine at its best.”






RAND: Integrative Health Care and Medicine 

Audio Podcast 18 July 2012


"Integrative medicine combines the strengths of conventional medicine with effective and safe approaches in complementary and alternative medicine. In the past decade, the number of hospitals offering complementary therapies has more than doubled to over 20 percent; and, among Americans, 38 percent use integrative practices in their daily lives. Join us for a discussion on how hospitals, universities, and the U.S. military are using and teaching these methods, what research has found on the effectiveness of integrative practices, and the future of integrative medicine in the United States.

Featured Speakers:

  • Ian Coulter, Samueli Institute Chair in Policy for Integrative Medicine, and Senior Health Policy Analyst, RAND Corporation

  • Wayne Jonas, President and Chief Executive Officer, Samueli Institute

  • David Eisenberg, Executive Vice President for Health Research and Education, Samueli Institute

  • Allen Fremont, Natural Scientist, RAND Corporation"







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CAMbrella on Terminology


Bravewell Declaration RAND audio podcast

Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine