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Risk Equalisation Fund Tables

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The REFCT2005 was the first one produced. The Preferred table is the same as the Official table for 2005.




The Preferred tables have been produced using the REF Study 2005 data as a starting point and the methodology developed for the REFCT2007. The same consistent methodology has been used both forward and backward. This Preferred series thus gives a consistent historic series which can be used for research, pricing, risk analysis and managed care pricing.


The tables were produced by Heather McLeod and updated annually. Contact Heather if you have any queries about the most appropriate table to use for particular circumstances.














The files below contain the historical series of Prevalence and Count tables. These are useful for epidemiological research and for analysing risk in medical schemes.







REFCT 2005

REF Preferred Tables

Excel-icon Preferred REFCT 2006 Excel-icon Preferred REFCT 2007 Excel-icon Preferred REFCT 2008 Excel-icon Preferred REFCT 2009 Excel-icon Preferred REFCT 2010 Excel-icon Prevalence 2005 to 2010 Excel-icon Count 2005 to 2010 Excel-icon

These tables were all available on the web-site of the Council for Medical Schemes.


The REFCT2005 was the first one produced and is the same as the Preferred Table for 2005.




2006 was a particularly problematic year because of the differential application of the REF Entry and Verification Criteria. Several tables were produced but caution was urged in attempting to use them.




The Official 2007 table, REFCT2007 does not include gender as was recommended by RETAP for tables for 2007 and onwards. It also does not contain all the tables produced by RETAP for 2007.





The REFWT2008 and REFWT2009 were produced using a combined (Female+Male) REFCT2007 as the starting point and hence subsequent changes in the Industry gender profile have not been properly incorporated. There are other methodological concerns and the full set of tables as produced by RETAP until 2007 is no longer produced.




REF Official Tables

REFCT 2005 Excel-icon Official REFCT 2006 Excel-icon Official REFCT 2007 Excel-icon Official REFWT 2008 Excel-icon Official REFWT 2009 Excel-icon

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